Healing Hands Healing Voice

Reflections from our healing day, 11 September 2016

A beautiful late summers day at the meadow witnessed a time for people to care both inside the round-house and outside amongst the trees, ants, apples and grasses.

The day opened with an outdoor yoga session led by Cassandra. We enjoyed an energising flowing hatha yoga together and this set us up perfectly for the rest of the day. Thanks for your time Cassandra and the great chai you brought along!

There have been several dedicated days over the years to healing and wellbeing at the meadow and you could say that all our activities, under the permaculture theme of earth care, people care and fair share, and the groups who use the space hold this intent in one way or another.

We green the earth we heal one another.
We share what we have we heal one another.
We hold good counsel and work together, we help heal one another.

This practice is vital I think and the meadow provides a space where whoever comes in can approach this way of being and working. Of course it’s not easy to achieve but over the years the reason I have continued to be part of the community here is this aspiration and the willingness of people to work together and share the space in this way.
So thank you to everyone who has been part of this project and its ongoing journey.

As more people arrived Frank led a beginners introduction to Thai Yoga, an old massage technique thought to have come from Buddhist monks from India to Thailand. It’s a mixture of applying pressure to sen or energy lines along the body and sometimes vigorous stretching of the body! The session was held inside the round-house and I was glad to be able to offer this activity in this beautiful space. The act of healing starts with an intent and wish for the well being of another and the synergy that develops between giver and receiver is something very simple and yet powerful in its effect. One of my teachers taught that less is always more and no more so in massage, where all the technique in the world can never take the place of a loving and healing intention.

By this time the meadow was filling up with folk and as the sun continued to shine we had a communal lunch together and as ever met old friends and made some new across the picnic tables.

The afternoon session saw Annalou offer her voice healing which she has developed over many years using the power of over-toning or humming into the body to rebalance and free-up blockages in the system. It opened with fun and games outside with the crowd squatting and breathing into their bottoms and then running whilst sounding a charge “aarrrrrggh” ( well we who were there know what I mean?). Then we went inside the round-house where working in pairs we applied warm humming overtones to the spine and body. Annalou’s warm, fun and intuitive style was much loved by those who took part and a special thanks to her, as she was the one who did the legwork to make this day happen.

So that’s kind of what happened, not to mention all the delight had with fireside chats, good cheer and walks through the land. The feedback was warm and heartfelt and I hope everyone who came found something to take away from the day. If we could get an ongoing healing day set up that would be just fine. If you have something to offer do get in touch.

As the sunset we had a special moment saying farewell to long-time “mopper” Caroline who is off to pastures new. We will all miss you dear Caroline, your good company, work and energy over the years has carried us all along. Fare thee well and be happy!

Frank Agnew