Core team

Core team members ensure that there is a consistent, committed group to sustain and manage the project alongside the many volunteers and working groups that help out.

Core team members are nominated at the AGM or co-opted through the year. The current core team is: Geraldine, Kate, Annalou, Sharon, Maggie and Bob. We welcome new members who are willing to commit time to taking on tasks to keep the project running. As well as general volunteering at the garden or being a site leader, core team members may be involved in:

  1. Governance of the organisation – setting meetings and agendas, AGMs, membership, policies and procedures, steering the vision and ethos, facilitating key decision-making, responding to incidents, liaison with key bodies / organisations etc.
  2. Communications, publicity, website, newsletter, email enquiries, outreach.
  3. Supporting specific site projects together with volunteers and working groups, such as eco-building, pond, info signage etc 
  4. Wildlife, garden or orchard working groups to help manage the land-based aspects of the project. 
  5. Organising events and administering bookings for use of the site for events / workshops / groups / courses etc.
  6. Supporting and enabling volunteers, site leaders and working groups.
  7. Responding to the maintenance and upkeep needs of the site, buildings and resources, including overseeing health and safety, repairs etc.
  8. Finances and fundraising.

Anyone can get involved in working groups for specific aspects where need and interest arise, such as a carpentry group, gardening and orchard group, wildlife group, events group, communications group, eco-building group etc. These groups report back at meetings for updates and feedback.

Open meetings are held regularly for everyone involved to input ideas and take on tasks. We are committed to being open and inclusive to all and encourage input from everyone, whether you come to volunteer regularly or once in a while.

Meadow Orchard needs your help to create a thriving community project!