Core team

The core team takes an active role in running the Meadow Orchard Project according to our core aims. We are currently applying to become a registered charity and have elected a core team of trustees at our last AGM in November 2017. Trustees are responsible for:

  1. Governance, including meetings, membership, policies, ethos and key decision-making.
  2. Communications, publicity and website.
  3. Overseeing specific projects and partnerships.
  4. Organising events and overseeing members’ use of the site for events.
  5. Wellbeing of volunteers.
  6. Overseeing upkeep of the site, facilities and resources, including safety.
  7. Finance and fundraising.
  8. Wildlife, garden and orchard management.

We also set up sub-groups for specific areas where need arises, such as a carpentry group, gardening group, wildlife group, events group etc who report back to the core team.

Members can be elected to the core team of trustees at an AGM or become co-opted throughout the year if they have a specific skill or active involvement to offer.