Use of site and facilities

Meadow Orchard site, round-house and cob-oven can be used for community events and activities that support the overall aims of Meadow Orchard Project. For example:

  • Educational workshops, particularly related to themes of community, health and wellbeing, sustainability, ecology, horticulture, permaculture, eco-building
  • Community meetings and group gatherings
  • Art and crafts activities
  • Children’s activities
  • Open days, celebrations, rituals (religious or non-religious)
  • Culture events, such as theatre, music and spoken word
  • Therapeutic activities such as yoga, meditation, qi gong, healing, bodywork, voicework etc

Charges and terms

As a volunteer-run community resource MOP aims to remain non-commercial and accessible to a wide range of people so we support events that are: free and open to the public, offered on a donations basis or low-cost. Users of the facilities are also requested to contribute towards the upkeep and maintenance of the Meadow Orchard site. 

  • If the event is free then MOP does not expect a fee but contribution to the site upkeep is requested
  • If there is a charge or donations for the event, then a contribution to MOP is required of 20%, plus a contribution to the site upkeep is requested
  • For external paid courses there is a daily charge of £50 (half day) and £100 (full day)

All money raised goes towards the site maintenance, tools, equipment, insurance and running costs. There are no paid staff at MOP.

If you’d like to run something at Meadow Orchard please download and read our Site Users Policy here: MOP site users policy

Please speak to someone or email us about your proposed activity at: meadoworchardproject @