Use of site and facilities

Meadow Orchard site, round-house and cob-oven is available for members to use for community events and activities that support the overall aims of Meadow Orchard Project. For example:

  • Educational workshops, particularly related to themes of community, health and wellbeing, sustainability, ecology, horticulture, permaculture, eco-building
  • Community meetings and group gatherings
  • Art, crafts, wood-work activities
  • Children’s activities  (accompanied by a parent-carer)
  • Celebration public events and open days (religious or non-religious)
  • Culture events, such as theatre, music and spoken word
  • Therapeutic activities such as yoga, meditation, qi gong, healing, bodywork, voicework etc

Please join as a member if you’d like to use the site and adhere to our code of conduct.

As a volunteer-run project for the benefit of the community, MOP aims to remain non-commercial and accessible, so we support events that are free and open to the public, offered on a donations basis, low-cost or accessible to those on low-income.

Charges for use of the site/building

  • If the event is free and open there is no charge, but a contribution to the site care and upkeep is requested.
  • If donations are made to the event hosts then a contribution to MOP is expected in addition to contribution to the site upkeep. Suggested 20%.
  • If there is a charge for the event a contribution to MOP is requested of minimum 20%. Contribution to the site upkeep is also requested.
  • If you are running a paid course MOP charges £50/half-day and £75/full-day use.

All money raised for MOP goes towards the site upkeep and maintenance, tools and equipment, insurance and general costs. There are no paid staff.


MOP aims to build a thriving community so we’d like to inform members and our community network about activities and events taking place. Please give as much notice as possible of your intended event and a clear description so that it can be included in our monthly e-newsletter sent at the beginning of each month. We will also post on our website and social media. If you are producing publicity material please reference MOP website and MOP logo if possible. If you are using social media please tag @MeadowOrchard

Event bookings

Please email your request to use the site / building giving as much detail about the event and dates to or to a trustee of MOP. If you are new to the project or unfamiliar with the space somebody will be able to give you a site induction.