Meadow Orchard Saturday open days are currently closed during the latest lockdown (January 2020) until further notice.

see below for other covid safety measures

ūüćĀHarmonies of the Heart¬†with Mike is suspended.¬†

ūüćĀForest School¬†is suspended at present, enquiries to Maggie¬†
Do not come if the following apply : 
Do Not Come with Covid 19 Symptoms:
 a high temperature, new persistent cough, loss of smell or taste, or shortness of breath. Please phone 111.
If you have been in contact with someone who has a diagnosis of Covid 19, do not come to the Meadow Orchard. Phone 111
If you have been told to self isolate; even if you have no symptoms do not come to the Meadow Orchard.
Social Distancing 
2m social distancing where possible(masks are not required for this)
1m with a face covering if a task requires people to work more closely.
Please spread out while doing tasks.  Work side by side or back to back rather than face to face. Hand Washing
On arrival and after using the toilet, everyone must wash their hands for 20 seconds with soap and water provided, or use their own hand sanitising gel. (Please bring something to dry hands.)
We provide gardening gloves which are quarantined after use. Please put them in the ‘Used Gloves’ box.
(You may bring your own)Tool and Equipment Hygiene
Tools and equipment like wheelbarrows etc are to be disinfected after use with an anti viral spray and paper provided. Dispose of the paper in a bag. It will be removed after every session.Other Hygiene
The site leaders will disinfect, door handles, locks, bolts etc after each session.Food and drink
Please bring your own drink preferably in a reusable bottle or flask. We do not have a tap.
Unfortunately food is not to be shared.
Take any personal recycling and rubbish away with you.
Please avoid single use plastic if you can for climate and environmental reasons.Toilet
After use wipe the toilet with anti viral spray and paper. Dispose of the paper in a bag provided.
The bag will be removed after every session. Toilet paper goes into the toilet as usual. Wash hands thoroughly.Hay fever
If you suffer from hay fever avoid sneezing near others. Use a tissue and put it in a bag to take away with you.Wash your hands.Masks 
Masks and face coverings are optional except when working closely together.Please bring your own if you may need one. If you remove a mask at the site put it into your bag or our rubbish bag and wash your handsOptional Checklist
hand sanitiser gel
mask or face covering
refillable water bottle or flask
own snack or lunch
rainwear if showers predicted
own gardening or plastic gloves
tissues if suffering from hayfever
bags for face covering and rubbishPlease check the website as things may change.

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